Sunday, January 26, 2014

Illustration Friday - DISGUISE

My contribution for Illustration Friday -  5" x 7" oil painting that I did a while back.

I also have a little writing exercise that I did to go with it.  I guess I'm used to putting my artwork out there in the world to be viewed.  Its a little scarier putting out the things I write.


     She accepts the inviting looks from the gentlemen gathered here tonight as she dances across the floor. “This is what it feels like to be beautiful,” she thinks. 
     Her dance card is filled with the names of men who have always requested turns on the floor with her sisters and friends.  Tonight, though, she has no equal. She is elegant and well poised.  She moves with grace.  She is an excellent conversationalist and this night . . . even flirtatious.  Men laugh and look at her appreciatively as they whirl her around the floor.  They don’t know with whom they dance.  That is the wonder of it.
    She adjusts the feathers in her hair and the heavy gold material that covers her too large nose, the mole under her left eye that her mother insists is a beauty mark, and her nearly non-existent eyelashes.  The material also covers the girl within her who can usually be found sitting against the wall in deep conversation with her Great Aunt Elizabeth, pretending not to be interested in the dancing and the laughter.  The mask covers her completely.  Tonight she is a princess.

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