Saturday, January 12, 2019


One of my goals for 2019 is to make a calendar to have ready for 2020. I thought it would not be too much to ask myself to come up with 12 nice designs. There are a few months that I have plans to pull out past pieces, dust them off and give them a face lift. This one will most likely be my January choice.

"January" is from a photo I took at Winterfest in December:

I did a rough layout with color in one of my sketchbooks:

I then scanned it into the computer and finished it digitally.

     Last year I set a goal of posting every Wednesday and did quite well up until November (National Novel Writing Month - where I came within a few chapters of finishing a middle grade chapter book!) I think this year I'm going to relieve myself of the pressure of posting once a week. In 2018 I would walk away from a project I was excited about, just to find something quick I could do to share. I am still aiming for at least a once-a-month post. If you follow me you may find more than that. I just want it to happen more on my own time than on a self-imposed deadline.