Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Illustration Friday - TROUBLE

8 x 10 oil on clayboard

The Illustration Friday word of the week is TROUBLE. I have a couple of projects going on so I didn't really think I had the time to participate this week, but this illustration is one of the projects I was working on.  If you had a carton of eggs on your kitchen counter and baby dragons started hatching out of them, I think you would have some kind of trouble.  I did this illustration to go along with this little guy

who I finished quite some time ago. I'm currently working on two more compositions to make a nice little set for my portfolio. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Illustration Friday - OCTOPUS

The IF word of the week is Octopus. I have Halloween on the brain at this time of year so . . . my contribution is OCTOBERPUS.   I did the original art in watercolor, then enhanced it digitally.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Minis- Duomo and river at Pisa

Here's two more 2 x 3 inch oil paintings from reference photos taken a year ago in Italy where we had gone to attend the wedding of my step-daughter Ashley. 

The top was taken in Pisa. We were on our way to see the leaning tower and yes, we were there at night.  A rather unusual time to visit, it was not planned that way, but it really turned out to be a cool experience.  We got off the train and had to trek across town and across this river.  It was a little scary walking down dark streets in a foreign country. We were pretty sure we knew what we were doing but not positive and not sure what kind of neighborhoods we were walking through. We were coming to the end of street we were on and the tower seemed to loom suddenly up ahead of us.  It was well lit but the plaza was nearly deserted so we practically had the place to ourselves.  It was the big moment from my trip that had me the most in awe of where I was.  I was in Italy for crying out loud!  

The bottom painting is a view of the Duomo in Florence taken from La piaza de Michelangelo. (sorry for any misspellings). A rainstorm was coming in and we all got soaked. Good times!  What a beautiful city.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Illustration Friday - SILENCE


This is not me.  My children are grown, and to be honest this was never me - laundry folded, dishes done, dinner simmering on the stove. This is the me I imagined when I was seventeen and still thumbing through bridal magazines choosing gowns and envisioning my 4 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring.  I didn't even have a boyfriend. 
Maybe this would have been me if I had taken the time to meditate. LOL.  Maybe this would have been me if my children had taken the time to meditate.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Waldo at the Bistro

Waldo at the Bistro
My newest oil painting. 12 x 16 on gesso board.  

     I may have mentioned in one of my last posts that I don't like the job of adding titles to my paintings. Last time I enlisted the help of my step-daughter, Ashley, but this title came all of a sudden and naturally.  
    When we were in Italy last year for Ashley's wedding I took dozens and dozens of photos which I have been using for the last year as reference material.  There were a few times that my son intentionally photo bombed my images (much to my amusement) and several times that he ended up in my photos just because he's so darn tall and hard to miss.  When I started looking closely at some of my photos I found him in several reflections on glass etc. (guess he was always close to Mom - awww.)  I was nearly finished with this painting and working on the tiny details when I finally saw him here.  I couldn't not paint him!  There was a mirrored surface behind the glass display and his handsome face was positioned perfectly.

He dressed as Waldo, from the Where's Waldo book series, one year for Halloween so . . . 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Piggy Bank

     I haven't done hardly any sketching lately for my own enjoyment.  Last week the Illustration Friday word was MONEY and it placed this cute little guy (girl?) in my mind.  Today I just felt like doing something for myself in my sketchbook.  This bank belongs to my daughter.  She put it away in her closet because at the age of 18 its too babyish to display in her room.  I understand totally. Funny though, I don't feel that its too babyish to display in my room and I'm going to try to borrow it from her for a few years.
     I just finished another painting today.  I'll be varnishing it and posting it in the next couple of days.