Thursday, January 16, 2014

Illustration Friday - SEARCH

I was fortunate not to have a child that couldn't live without their pacifier, but my daughter put us through h@#$// a couple of times when we couldn't find her Cow-cow.  Cow-cow was a small stuffed nylon toy that I do believe looked like a cow at some point in its existence.  (It is now a gray rag stuffed into my drawer of sentimental things.)  She would not take a nap or go to bed without it.  I was nearly late for my first day at a new job because I forgot to pack Cow-cow for the babysitter and I did not want to put the babysitter through the horror of my screaming daughter at nap time. 
I think the frantic mother above will find the pacifier shortly.

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  1. ha ha! I hope she does too! I love the expressions for both the characters in this illustration. And thanks, Tracy, for your comment!