Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year from Serenity

     Hello, hello! I'll start by saying how blessed I am with family and friends and beautiful moments throughout the holiday season. But, now that the decorations are packed away, I am grateful to see my life return to normal. I'm getting my mind back into author/illustrator mode and getting ready for the New York City SCBWI conference in February!
     I did well with 2019 goals. I finished 12 illustrations for a calendar (most all of them posted on this blog), I finished a children's chapter book manuscript and designed the cover, and I signed up for that conference! 
     Time to move on to my 2020 goals, and the only one I really have (besides sharing more often on my blog) is to keep moving forward. There are projects I could mention that I want to finish, and projects I want to start. But 2020 is about learning and improving. My main objective for the conference, besides being "discovered" and signing a book deal worth millions, is to soak up information that can improve all I'm doing. (And hopefully make a few new friends).
     The image I shared is my character Serenity and her frog. (I don't have a name for the frog, so if anyone has a good suggestion, I'm open to it.) The character study page isn't bad but if you follow this blog you know I like to redo things, and then redo them again, and maybe even again. You'll probably see the above image (redone) somewhere down the line. It's all about growing. Life's a journey, folks! And I feel blessed to be on this one.
 I wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2020!

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