Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Big Reveal

Here is what the final board looked like for the gender reveal party, and 
there were plenty of flowers left over to put out for the centerpieces on the tables.

A peek into the decorations department last week:

And a look at the studio after a few hours of clean-up on Sunday:

Here's where a lot of the flowers ended up. I've never been so happy in my studio before. 
It's beautiful down here. : )

I promised last week to share links to some of the tutorials I used. The roses were super easy. 
Here is a sample of mine. (I applied glitter glue to the petals) 
Here is the link to the rose making tutorial

And here are three more links to the tutorials I used to make the flowers you see above.

And the magical moment we all waited for: 
We're expecting a . . . 


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