Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Checkerboard Seahorses

9 x 12 oil on Gesso Board.

First, Happy Fourth of July! I wasn't thinking ahead enough to realize that my post would fall on our national holiday and I was sorry this isn't more patriotic looking, so I did some quick digital magic. 

I feel better now.

I did this digital version in January 2017.

    I wanted to experiment with one on canvas. So I started the top painting right after the digital version was done, and it sat in my studio, and sat in my studio, and sat in my studio saying "enough already! Just finish me and move on." So I finished it this week. I can check that box. Done deal. Onward and upward. I'm movin' on.
     I came across the image below in my photos. This is the acrylic sketch that I dropped into the computer to end up with the digital version. It's pretty rough and more than a little scary.

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