Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gypsy - self promo

    I've spent the last couple of weeks working on a self-promo package for myself. I went with a gypsy theme for a couple reasons. First, I've always been fascinated with gypsies. Though a homebody myself, I find the idea of wandering the world with little or no geographical ties extremely romantic.  I would love a handsome gypsy man with long dark hair and a golden earring to fall in love with me, but I would be unable to live the life. (And my husband wouldn't like it.) The second reason is that being a freelance illustrator gives a person a rather nomadic profession, peddling services from one client to another in a sort of gypsy-like fashion.
     I posed for the reference photos, so the girl is kind of. . .  (sort of) me, many years ago, with bigger eyes and longer hair. I'm not portraying myself dishonestly, just taking advantage of the perk of being an artist. 
     Here is the letterhead I designed:

And, last but not least, a postcard:

Now, please wish me luck as I send my gypsy caravan out into cyberspace and through the good old-fashioned American mail system in search of my future.

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