Friday, February 26, 2016

Dylan and Louisa

     I need more black and white images in my portfolio and I also need more illustrations that contain more than one child, so I'm practicing. I've pulled out some old snapshots and I'm getting down to business. This is done with a ballpoint pen and some ink wash. No touch-ups here. I did it on the back piece of cardboard from my watercolor pad. I had no idea how the surface would be to work on, but it was a nice smooth, sturdy piece of board so I thought "hey, why not?"  The surface was not great for blending, lifting color, or any of the watercolor techniques that I have experience with, so I really had to think about each brushstroke before I laid it down. Turns out I like the looser look of this piece, and how could I go wrong with these adorable kids anyway? My babies when they were babies.

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