Tuesday, March 19, 2019

March, you crazy month

Ta-da! "March" is done and it's still . . . MARCH!!! Look at me go! 

This was done in the Procreate App on my iPad, where I can sit in a comfortable chair, not get my hands dirty, and not think about the fact that I'm pretty much giving up on my basement studio. I did an under-layer of color with the airbrush tool and then worked all over the top of that with the technical pencil tool at the highest size setting to make it look non-digital. (I hope you think it looks non-digital).

March weather, here in Ohio, has been ridiculous - snow, thunderstorms, freezing temperatures, warm pleasant temperatures, rain, and wind - all within a span of two or three days! I pulled out my old "March" piece which you can find here. I added the child, who may not look it in the drawing but is extremely hyperactive (who else would hug a lion?) to express that this March has gone beyond the lion and lamb into new hyperactive territory. Also, he's really cute.

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