Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Where do ideas come from?

     Where do ideas come from? (Or to be grammatically correct: From where do ideas come?).
If you're me, today, they come from your awesome new idea board! This is the same board that I used to decorate the reveal party backdrop (see my post 2 weeks ago). It's an insulation panel that I purchased from Lowes. A coat of white paint killed the green color, and I then covered it with inexpensive muslin, wrapping the material around the sides and pushing short nails into it to keep it in place. That easy. The insulation material is perfect for thumbtacks, pins, and small nails. No hammers needed. 
      Where do the ideas come from that I have pinned? Some of them are pieces I've done in the past that I've always felt I could do better. Some were saved in a large, Russell Stovers candy box (chocolates gone a long time ago), a shoebox, a recipe box, sketchbooks, drawers, and old photo albums. Ideas have come from thin air when I wasn't expecting them. They've come from reading, watching movies, flipping through magazines, noticing the way sunlight catches an object. They've come from paying attention. 
     When they come to you, capture them! Write them down on a piece of paper! Do a quick sketch! Record a note to yourself on your phone! 
     Then, someday, go around collecting all those things you've saved, weed through them, and buy yourself a piece of insulation board.  

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