Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ashley the Great

I haven't posted for a couple of weeks because we have been in Cuba! This is a portrait of my great-grandaughter (yes! a perk of marrying an older man - he made me a great-grandmother. Look at her! I'll take it.)
When I got back and started going through my photos I was a little overwhelmed with where to start. So many beautiful images! So I pulled out this photo of her:

 and did this quick pencil sketch in my sketchbook:

And I thought it might make a nice little portrait.
The technique I'm using is called grisaille. I used only black and white paint. Once this bottom layer dries I'm going to glaze some colors over the top of it. My fingers are crossed that it turns out. I don't want to ruin what I've already done. I promise to post the result here in a week or two.

I also want to share the portrait I painted, over ten years ago, of her father.
He was 10 years old when I last saw him (prior to this visit). I thought he was a wonderful and affectionate boy and he has grown into an amazing young man, willing to pose for me under a palm tree on the same beach. 

And . . . one last photo for this post (I'm sure I'll be posting more of Cuba as I work on paintings.) Probably my favorite of the whole trip. 
Me and my grandson.

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