Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Illustration Friday - MELT

     My contribution this week to Illustration Friday.  I'd like to set up an actual still life and take some photographs and turn this into an oil painting - but what a waste of delicious sweetness that would be. I'll just have to be ready with my camera the next time I come across a beautiful ice cream sundae that someone left in the sun.
     When I was a kid, probably around 7 or 8 years old, they began advertising The Fiesta Sundae at Dairy Queen. IT WAS GORGEOUS! A party in a bowl! A glimpse of heaven with whipped cream swirls, sprinkles, and of course those perfect curlicues of vanilla soft serve poking out from the top. I wanted one so badly I could barely live with myself.  Well, my parents took me to the Dairy Queen. I was so excited! Unfortunately, I was waited on by a teen-ager who couldn't have cared less.  The fantasy bowl I had longed for was thrown quickly together, came out lopsided and the curlicues didn't even curl on the top.  I was devastated. Don't think I've actually gotten over it.
     I'm a vegan now, so this particular sundae is made with coconut ice cream.


  1. LOL! Sorry about your DQ disappointment! (The curlicues WERE pretty cool!!) This looks delicious...(and coconut icecream isn't bad!) I particularly love how you rendered the dish!

  2. Thank you! May your soft serve always have curlicues!