Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pages 12 & 13 of Serenity

Here's the spread for pages 12 and 13 of my manuscript Serenity. The story and illustrations are turning out to seem like the easy part. The hard part is the business end of it. Do I look for an agent? Do I submit straight to publishers? I'm going back and forth and weighing the pros and cons of both. There is sooooooo much to research! By this time next week either my query to an agent or a cover letter, manuscript, dummy book, and a copy of this illustration WILL BE ON ITS WAY TO SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, SOMEHOW. As soon as it's on its way I am popping open the bottle of champagne I received from my step-daughter for my birthday!!!  Can't wait! Then, it's on to the next story!

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